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Dear reader,

Some time ago, my website,, was migrated to a new technical platform when my long-standing supplier of website solutions was acquired by a competitor. I have therefore had to spend quite a bit of time getting to know the new software. I am now so far that I can start using many of the new functionalities, which is contributing to the website gradually appearing more up-to-date.

The website went live for the first time on 23rd December 2009, and over the years the website has gained an ever-increasing number of readers from abroad. This meant that in January 2019 I tried to publish my first article in English here on the website, which has been received extremely positively by readers all over Europe and on certain other continents. I have therefore chosen to "go international" so that in future will become an international website for parrot enthusiasts with notes, articles, etc. written in English. This transition from Danish to English is happening successively, as it means that a large part of already published articles must be translated into English. However, this work has begun, and this version of the new website represents " version 2.0".

Happy reading!

Jorgen Petersen

Are you by chance interested in keeping and breeding Eclectus Parrots?

Overview over articles on the Eclectus genus

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1st April 2024:

Now at you can find a total of 14 articles about the impressive and extremely fascinating Eclectus Parrots, their life and status in the wild, behaviour, accommodation, breeding and not least how to care and feed them in human care as well as descriptions of the many different subspecies including a guide to subspecies determination.

Happy Easter - and reading!


Jorgen Petersen



This series of articles on Eclectus Parrots is intended for serious aviculturists keeping Eclectus Parrots as aviary birds with the aim of species conservation breeding, not for people who keep “Eccies” as single pet birds.

Most recently published in-depth article (on taxonomy and genetics):

About the Blue-naped Parrot (Tanygnathus lucionensis) - A story about determining the right subspecies".

This article mainly sheds light on taxonomic and morphological aspects ofTanygnathus lucionensis. In addition, a short introduction to the entire genus and toTanygnathus lucionensisin wildlife are given and it furthermore tells a story of how things can go wrong when acquiring new birds, but above all, how “I got by with a little help from a friend” and found out which kind of subspecies I keep in my aviaries.

Please note that the article doesnotdeal with the keeping, feeding and breeding of the species in human care.

The article is aimed at nerds/specialists and has been created with significant contributions from Mr. Mehd Halaouate, a very experienced aviculturist and former manager of the World Parrot Trust and highly respected specialist within Indonesia’s wild birdlife.As another exception for articles published onwww.birdkeeper.dkthis article is written in English so that aviculturists outside Denmark who are interested in this genus, also have the opportunity to benefit from the article.

Happy reading!

Jorgen Petersen



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Cronicles, other articles and notes:


Please be aware that  has many other notes, articles, etc., which can be read on some of the many other pages that do not appear on this front page.

Therefore, try to "surf" around the various tabs with corresponding subtabs that appear at the top of the website.

The articles that have not yet been translated from Danish to English will be successively translated when the time and desire opens up the opportunity to do so.

Happy hunting for new knowledge!

Mini portraits and articles - Parrot species from Africa

Mini portraits and articles - Parrot species from Asia and Oceania

Mini portraits and articles - Parrot species from South America

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Jørgen Petersen

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