Renovation of an already new birdhouse

Notice of 10.07.2020

Almost 3 years have passed since I had my new birdhouse built, which I specified myself. It is designed with a primary focus on the well-being of the birds and, secondly, that it must be a bright and ergonomic "workplace" for me. In the first few years, I have gained some important new experiences, which means that in addition to the ongoing maintenance, I have also started a renovation project here in the summer of 2020. As part of the renovation project, the inner cages of the aviary facility, which contain parrot species that are persistent rodents, have been further reinforced with barely 2 mm thick stainless-steel plates along the edges of the front wire mesh and other relevant places. In addition, the walls, ceilings and floor have been freshened up with new, washable paint of the best quality, so that the birdhouse always looks its best. In addition, the bird house's kitchen, which is the "command center" of the building, has of course also been refreshed and appears modernized.

In the time that has passed, I have also had to admit that if I want to meet my own very high demands concerning keeping the bird house clean according to the highest cleaning and hygiene standards - and thus be able to maintain a completely "systematically clinically tested bird collection” - then a finely ground concrete floor with even the best concrete paint is not sufficient. I have therefore chosen to upgrade the floor covering in my birdhouse with a special linoleum floor covering.

This type of linoleum floor is used as a floor covering in hospitals etc., where special requirements are placed on the floor covering. The floor covering must both comply with the strictest hygiene requirements and contribute to the prevention of contagious infectious diseases among parrots, as well as fulfill relevant safety requirements such as e.g. to be non-slip and prevent the formation of static electricity.

The linoleum coating has a compact, pore-free surface, which at the same time protects effectively against bacteria, viruses and mould, and ensures compliance with the strictest hygiene standards. At the same time, it is extremely easy to maintain and clean on a daily basis.

The overall renovation project has just been completed, and it has become a fantastically beautiful result, which has given the entire birdhouse a further quality boost, which is very visible, which is also evident from the photos.

I am looking forward to now putting it into proper use again and on a daily basis to be able to fulfill the requirements for the strict hygiene standards that a complete "systematic clinically tested bird collection" entails.

Jorgen Petersen

Conceived/Updated: 10.07.2020 / 15.01.2024