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Here, in article form, the Eclectus species with associated subspecies from the very popular Oceanic parrot genus, Eclectus, are described. In addition to a taxonomic review of the genus, due to the great similarities between the different subspecies, there are initially some articles of a transversal nature, where the different types of Eclectus Parrots are treated under one.

The articles are intended as support for aviculturists who actively and seriously work for the preservation of healthy, pure-species wild-coloured Eclectus Parrots in human care. It must be underlined,


  1. that takes its starting point from the recognized scientific species descriptions and not from various descriptions of the species that different bird associations/special Eclectus Clubs, etc., have made for themselves, and
  2. that - apart from a few exceptions - is not a forum for describing mutation birds.


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Naming the species and subspecies

As always, uses the "Howard & Moore's Complete Checklist of the Birds of the World", Vol. I, from spring 2013 as well as the latest version 4.1 (August 2018), "Errata and Corrigenda to Volume I", as the starting point for all published articles about parrots. I am fully aware that after the publication of the above-mentioned taxonomy from Howard & Moore, other "bids" for a taxonomy have been published, where some of the subspecies have been elevated to species (a bit like how the taxonomy for the Eclectus genus looked several years ago). Such a taxonomy is used i.a. by BirdLife International, but it is not always that changes to the existing taxonomy can be substantiated with sufficient scientific evidence, so these changes will at present not be used in this article series on the Eclectus genus.

However, this taxonomy primarily deals with naming species and subspecies in Latin and besides only assigns names in English at the species level, whereas the subspecies are not assigned separate English subspecies names.

In relation to the present article, the nomenclature in the published articles therefore instead is based on another source than Howard & Moore, namely the publication "2023 Deutsche und Englische Namen der Papageien, Akademie für Vogelhaltung", published in 2023 by Arndt Verlag (Berlin 2023_03-2023-06-05), which contains the most updated species and subspecies names in English (and German) based on the most recently adopted principles for separate naming of e.g. the nominate subspecies of each species.

Many readers will probably not yet be aware that, for example, that the most wellknown type of Eclectus Parrot in human care, the New Guinea Eclectus Parrot aka Red-sided Eclectus Parrot (Eclectus roratus polychloros) nowadays is designated as Papuan Red-sided Eclectus.

Jorgen Petersen

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